Tuesday, 12 February 2013

they're real! (part 2 of 'latest in beauty' haul)

I have long eyelashes, which I know is lucky.  Max (my 20 month old son) has inherited them too, which I think is going to add to his heartbreak status. (yep, biased)

So after reading all the reviews on Benefit's 'they're real' I was feeling a bit left out, as the one thing I have searched for since I started using mascara is a volumising one, that JUST volumises.  Forget about the lengthening, I don't fancy looking like Mr Snuffleupagus thanks, and I already have people suggesting I have false lashes, so don't need to fuel the fire even more.

Lucky Lucky, this was in the Latest in Beauty box I ordered!  I really love this size for a start, I posted recently how I hang on to sample pots of foundation so I can decant into them for travelling, and the gorgeous Nic (you can follow her here) pointed out that she does the same with sample sized mascaras, which I will now do too.

Onto the wand.  I. LOVE. THIS.  Nice short bristles and the bristled ball at the end so you can get those itty bitty lashes in the inner corners, and pump the volume up on the outer ones.

The best thing about this mascara?  It doesn't make me look like a character from Sesame Street (well, maybe Miss Piggy at the moment, but that's nothing to do with the mascara).  The placement of the bristles gives me amazing coverage with one sweep, and it does volumise!  I'm guessing if I applied 2 or 3 coats, maybe I'd be able to tell you how to get to Sesame Street, but one is perfect!  I'm going to go as far to say this is my new hero!!

And here are Max's lashes.  (curses from short lashed ladies I imagine)

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