Tuesday, 19 February 2013

Anything for a good nights sleep

We were so smug when Max started sleeping from 7pm until 7am (at least) from about 5 weeks, we didn't have the dark circles under our eyes like other new parents did, we had full night sleeps, in fact I probably slept better than ever.

Then our smug grins slowly faded away about 2 months ago, and the dark circles appeared.


At about 18 months old, Max is now waking at various times in the night, if we end up going into him, we discover it is more often than not because he has kicked his duvet off and is cold.  So many of his friends still have gro-bags, but he is such a wriggler, he always used to get totally tangled up in his, so we gave him a duvet probably 4 or 5 months ago.

I'd ummed and ahhed for weeks about whether to get the gro store 'stay on duvet' (here) and after trying all ideas of how we could keep his duvet on and failing, I bit the bullet and bought it.

It's so easy to use, the pillow case is attached to the bed sheet so no chance of him ending up with pillow over head. 

The first night he got too hot, so now we just have one side fully zipped, and the other as the below pic, it still means he doesn't kick the duvet to bottom of bed.

He seems to be sleeping so much better, less wriggling.  It's not the best time to test I suppose as he's not very well, and has a bit of a temperature, but this is a simply genius design, that I can't believe nobody else has thought of!

This has mostly been designed for when your little ones go from a cot to a bed, as it prevents them falling out, but we're nowhere near willing for the bars to come down yet....that would mean that rather than him read in his cot in the morning for half an hour, that he would be climbing in with us, and we are putting that off as long as possible.  Anyway, that is when we will introduce the next genius idea from the gro store which is the Gro Clock! (here)

snug as a bug in a rug

Any other tips for keeping them asleep or later wake ups in the morning are gratefully received!


  1. Excellent will be investing in these this time round! Can thoroughly recommend the clock we used it with P I'm conjunction with a sleep therapist and she still uses it now! Well done Abby good review ! Charlotte X

  2. What a genius design - wish I'd known about these when we stopped using grobags. I still have to re-cover my kids (5&8) before going to bed at night & funnily enough the boy in partic tends to kick off the covers.

    If it's really cold I either put his duvet on sideways & tuck it under the mattress at each side or pop a thin blanket longways across the bed and tuck it in. Your method is much more simple - love it!

    Nic x

    1. Yep we tried that Nic but he just wriggles so much he'd wriggle out of it! They do these stay on covers for single beds too in a very white company esque blue and white candy stripe xx