Thursday, 14 February 2013

pixi sheer cheek gel (3rd item from 'Latest in Beauty' box)

I've been wanting to try some of Pixi's products for quite a while, so was really excited to try this.

I'm always nervous at the thought of a non powder blusher, as have awful flashbacks to when I applied Benefit's Benetint when it first came out, in a pub loo (dimly lit), and looked like I had a bad case of sunburn.

So I tentatively approached this tube with fear when I saw the colour

Even more tentatively I squeezed the tube

This is actually a really lovely product to apply, it's cooling on the skin, but also quite fluid, not jelly like which is what I was imagining.  The tiny amount above is probably enough for both cheeks to be honest, unless you are going for the sunburned look, which I personally am not.

just a gentle massage into skin for a more dramatic look

fully massaged in for a nice flushed look

I've used this three times so far, and really like it, as it doesn't look like blusher, it just looks like you've had a little run outside in the cold weather. (something that I will only ever fake with make up, as am not about to have a little run in the cold weather.  Or the warm weather come to think of it)

It also works really nicely on the lips, for that just kissed look!

Are there any other Pixi products I should try?

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