Sunday, 10 February 2013

It's a celebration!

Thanks yet again to @reallyree for encouraging money to leave my bank account after reading this post (click here), I decided to buy the Latest in Beauty 'the session school' box.  Priced at just £11.95 (plus P&P) I thought this was the perfect price to try out several brands I have wanted to try for a while.

First up was the Bellapierre mineral eyeshadow in 'celebration'.

This was the product I was least excited about when I ordered the box, but when I opened it, the magpie in me of old times resurfaced!  The colour instantly made me think of a brand new shiny penny, not the old dirty brown ones, but the really bright copper ones, and I couldn't wait to try it out.  

I used the vintage cosmetic company 'shadow' brush that had come in the box, and both are a hit with me.  The brush picks up really well, and barely dropped any of the shadow, which is normally my big gripe with loose shadows.  The first time I used it was for a spontaneous night out when I didn't have much notice, so I grubbily just put one sweep of it across my existing eyeshadow, and it totally transformed the look, just a really subtle shimmer, but actually looked like I had really taken some time over it!  The colour on the brush above is the colour it appears on the eyelid, nowhere near as bright as it seemed in the pot, which pleased me even more!

The next time I used it I just used a cream colour base shadow and then put quite a few layers of this over it, without eyeliner and just lashings of mascara, and again I loved it, so silky smooth, so glittery, but not in a bitty glitter way, it was just an all over dense covering of sheen.

I love this, I would pay £11.95 for it alone, and I notice that Bellapierre is quite often on sites like so will be paying extra attention to those in future too!

with flash (left is one layer, right several layers)

without flash (left is one later, right several layers)

The box is still available to buy here 

Did you try this box, and if so, did you get the same colour eyeshadow as me?  

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