Monday, 11 February 2013

keep everyone close

When I found out I was pregnant, I started to write a diary, not every day, just when things happened; scans, kicks, cravings, feelings and other personal things.  I still write in it every now and then when Max does something funny, or when he took his first steps, got his first tooth etc.  I did it as I kept asking friends when certain things happened and none of them could remember!  So I thought one day, my little girl or boy, might be interested to read it.

I also wanted to keep family and people that are important to him all around Max at all times.  The only family we have close are my Dad who lives in the same town and James' brother in London.  My Mum lives in North Yorkshire, as does my Sister with her husband and max's 2 cousins, my Gran lives in Lancashire and James' sisters and Dad live in Cornwall.  So I found these 2 frames when up in Yorkshire, in a cheapo shop.

top L-R: Max & his friend Scarlett, James & I, Max with my parents Bottom L-R: James' sister, Dad and Brother in Law, James' brother, Max with his cousins

Top L-R: Max & I, Max & his Great Gran, Max & James  Bottom L-R: Max & Sophie (his girlfriend), Billy (my mums cat, who he LOVES), Max & his cousins again
Every night Max says goodnight to his Grandma and Grandad, Gran, Grandpa, Cousins Jake and Charlie, Uncle Andy, Aunty Mandy and Uncle Nick, Sophie (or RaRa as he calls her), Scarlett, and a big kiss for Billy.

Something so simple, but it has also meant that because he doesn't see everyone as often as we would like, he still knows who they are.  I like to think this is one of my better ideas :)


  1. Oh that brought a little tear to my eye... should really do the same as half of our family are in Aus & New Zealand.

    I have a little book that I've written in since pregnant with my daughter too, less & less so in recent years - I must dig it out & do one for my boy as well.

    Lovely post

    Nic x