Friday, 29 March 2013

4 weeks into Lighter Life

I started Lighter Life Lite 4 weeks ago, and wrote a little piece about it here 

I said I would do weekly updates, but figure monthly is all you need, it's not THAT interesting.

So I had my 4 week weigh in last night, and wasn't looking forward to it as felt I had been hungry quite a bit this week which normally means your body may not be in ketosis (when our bodies are using fat for energy).  

I was totally dumbfounded when the scales said I had lost 5lbs!!  It's usual to lose anything between 1.5lbs-3lbs, so I am not quite sure what happened here, but I am certainly not complaining.

This now means that in 4 weeks, I have lost 11.5lbs.  My goal is 2.5stone, so I am over a third of the way there.  It means I may not reach goal weight in time for hols on the 10th May, but hell, I'll be a lot more confident in a bikini!

In measurements I have lost:

2inches off my bust (as a 34F, I am VERY happy about this)
2.5inches off my waist
2inches off my hips

This apparently means I have probably gone down a dress size.

This is such an easy diet for me, I was useless on weight watchers and slimming world as couldn't be bothered to measure stuff, so this is perfect for me just 3 sachets a day and then a yummy dinner in the evening.

Only downside to clothes are starting to look trampy due to being baggy, my skinny jeans are no longer skinny jeans, in fact Kat (@doesmybumlook40) this could be the answer to your boyfriend jeans....although if you lose any weight you would disappear!  So I am off to put my jeans in a 60degree wash, which apparently can shrink them by 1 size.  Hopefully not in length too...

Any suggestions in how to prolong wear in clothes while losing weight?  I refuse to buy new ones every other week, as much as I would love to.

Melissa Odabash Jamaica Bikini that I have my sights on here

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