Wednesday, 27 March 2013

If you want something, work for it

This popped up on my facebook page from one of my friends today, and it couldn't ring more true.

All I have seen on twitter and facebook recently is people moaning about things, that to be honest, are not out of their control.  Things that if they got up and made an effort, there would be no need to moan about.

You're not happy in your job, find a new one.  (been there, done it)
You're not happy in your relationship, move on. (been there, done it)
Not happy with your weight, do something about it (been there, doing it)
Want to earn more money, ask for more responsibility in your job (been there, done it)

I have no idea what has compelled me to write this, I think just because I am so fed up hearing people moan when I work my arse off as a mum, as an employee, doing extra things on the weekends to make a bit more money, just so I can have nice things and so does James.  We don't expect them to land on a diamond encrusted platter, we expect to work for them.  They also mean a lot more to you then too.

I started off temping as a receptionist, on about 7k a year, I didn't go to University, I went to what my mum calls 'the university of life'.  aka the big bad bitch world.  Yeah I've had some terrible times in jobs, but I've also had some amazing ones, which even had me running my own business, until Max turned up and I wanted security in a full time job.

Karla Powell and Caroline Hirons are big examples of this, Karla was working very closely with MUA cosmetics, and then when she decided she had learnt all she could learn, she made the move to Crown Brushes.  Her previous boss then badmouthed her all over social media.  Disgusting behaviour, and not how I would expect a brand owner to behave.  In all my career, my bosses have always told me they are hoping to mould me enough to either go onto bigger and better things elsewhere, or to take their jobs! This guy obviously doesn't have that mindset.   Karla has worked her fingers to the bone, never complains, and I love reading about her challenging days and her tips, and look where it has got her.  BECAUSE SHE WORKED FOR IT!  Follow her on twitter here, she is very inspiring

Same with Caroline, who has been known for her profession for years, but now was recently asked to do workshops at Liberty.  BECAUSE SHE WORKED FOR IT.  Follow her on twitter here

None of the above happened by them moaning that nothing good was happening to them, they knew what they wanted, as do I, and went out and bloody got it.

Phew.  Rant over.

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