Sunday, 17 March 2013

The lighter side of life

Post Pregnancy I lost pretty much all of my babyweight and then some due to Post Natal Depression.  It didn't matter what I ate, I must have just had so much nervous energy or stress, that the weight just dropped off.  Once I got onto my medication, that weight slowly crept back on!

I have done Atkins, the Cabbage Soup diet, weight watchers, you name it, I have tried various ways in my adult years to get back to my 21 year old body, that even my skinniest friends used to moan about, as I had such a flat tummy, without any exercise.  Bad eating, bad drinking and just bad lifestyle put pay to that.

If you read my blog you will know we have booked a holiday for the 10th May, one of which I am bouncing off walls, slap my thigh excited about, and then with that came that feeling in the pit of my stomach 'shit, that means I've got to wear a bikini' !

My mum recently did the Lighter Life diet, and lost near on 3 stone in as many months, so I figured I have full proof it works, she has always been a healthy eater, not a big drinker yet struggled to get the pounds off.

Me before starting, at 12stone 13lbs
So I joined up.  I don't own a pair of scales, never have done, I feel they are damaging, especially if on a diet as I personally know I would be on them every morning, and if I hadn't lost weight, would probably sack it off and go eat a muffin.  When I heard my weight, I nearly fell over, I can't believe I am about to tell a lot of strangers my weight, but I was 12stone 13lbs.  Ok so I am 5ft 10, but after checking my BMI etc, and my waist (I am NOT telling you that measurement), we decided I need to lose 2stone 7lbs.  People say they don't believe it, and I think because my mum is a retired image consultant, I have just always known the right styles to wear for my body shape, but my height probably helps me carry the weight better, but it's no excuse, I need to lose the weight.

I don't know why this is different for me, maybe because it isn't cheap, it costs me between £60-£70 a week in the food sachets and the weekly counselling group, so I think I am probably thinking, this is nearly £250 a month I could be spending on bags, shoes, make up, don't screw it up.

My choice throughout the day

So, the routine is that I have a Chocolate Shake for breakfast (not powdery like those gross slimfast ones, oh yeah, I tried slimfast too!), a soup for lunch, and then I either have one of the bars with a cuppa at around 5pm, or stretch myself until after dinner and pretend it is a mars bar for pudding!! Due to the fact I am on the light plan, it means I can eat a proper dinner, so I normally have a lovely bit of meat, with some roasted veggies, or a stir fry, or prawn salad.   You also need to drink at least 2litres of water a day.

First week, I was so thrilled, as I lost 4.3lbs!

Second week (last Thursday), i had lost 0.3lbs, so I had a massive downer on myself, it seems that I have had something that I shouldn't have (I blame the local pub for my mothers day dinner, where I asked for meat and veg but the veg was definitely covered in something).  I had been so excited to get on those scales, as clothes felt looser, My boss who had seen me the previous week noticed that I looked slimmer, and James keeps telling me I look so much narrower, so my LL coach says I must have lost more than that, as normally you will only notice visually if you have lost half a stone or more.  So whether it was clothes I was wearing, or the fact I had eaten before I got weighed, I'm not sure, but it has royally put a rocket up my arse to not be disappointed again!

I'm not sure if this kind of post will be interesting to you all or not, so please let me know if not, otherwise i'm planning on doing a weekly update.

Now I need to start exercising, which as far as I am concerned is the activity of the devil, any easy suggestions welcome, and if any of you have done LL, I would love to hear about it!

This is not a sponsored post.

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  1. Good luck! I've friends who have done v well at this, hope that helps. I'd definitely agree you don't look like you need to lose that much, so you must dress v v well!

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