Wednesday, 10 April 2013

Faking the bronze

Well it's the only option right now no?

I am so fed up of this weather, the 3 of us in the house are constantly with some ailment, Max brings home just about everything from Nursery, and we are on the countdown to May when we finally get a week abroad with some (please pleeeeease) sun.

In the meantime, although I have been trying to embrace paler skin, I have found myself reaching for the Smooch Bronzer (smooched) every day.  I was kindly sent this and another product (post to follow) a while ago, but I like to get some good use out of things before I 'yay or nay' them.

This is a definite yay.

The packaging can be a bit frustrating, it is the soft touch plastic which NARS also use, and although it is ergonomically very appealing and strokeable, it is not make up friendly, fingerprints and glitter gets left on it, and even when I wipe it, it's still not a nice black clean case.  The product itself though is a new favourite of mine so I am going to let the packaging issue slide.

in sunlight (yes SUNlight)
 You can see in the above picture that in the sunlight it contains some glitter, the name of the colour is 'smooched (highlighter)'  So I figure the main product is smooched, and obviously the 'S' is the highlighter, but it is so fine that you couldn't really use the highlighter on its own unless you use your pinky finger or an eye make up brush.  Swirl a huge bronzer brush over the whole palette however, and you have a gorgeous subtle smattering of colour on your cheeks, with just enough glitter to add some highlights, without looking like a disco ball.

This is now a permanent fixture in my makeup bag, and I can't believe I had never tried Smooch cosmetics before!  You can shop here and they are currently offering 25% off orders of £15 and over! 

*PR sample

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