Wednesday, 24 April 2013

restocking the wardrobe

The downside to having lost over a stone in the last couple of months is that it has equated to 2 dress sizes down and everything looks really scruffy!!

Finally, I can look at clothes that I previously hankered after, but knew I couldn't wear due to various lumps and bumps.....yes horizontal stripes, I'm talking about YOU!

So I started shopping around and fell in love with this dress from Baukjen (ahem, and bought it)

Drew Stripe Dress here

I then carried on browsing and the skirt that I really wanted last year, was at a ridiculously bargainous price of £26.70, (bought it) and I feel I can wear it with pride now that I have rediscovered my waist!

Print Drape skirt here
Annoyed that I couldn't stretch to the belt, but may use birthday money for that

Perfect items for my holiday coming up, but also love the skirt with that shirt or a white shirt for a summer day business meeting with a nice pair of shoes.

Still on my list (click on pics for links):

I would post pics of me in the outfits, but my legs are far too white at the moment, so will do after my hols!!

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