Sunday, 12 May 2013

You only get one face

So you need to take care of it (says she, who only got a skincare regime this year thanks to Caroline Hirons

I normally just put whatever suncream I use on my body, on my face.  So usually factor 6 piz buin.  So this year I figure it's a week before I turn 35 (shit, how did that happen please??) so I really should invest in a decent face spf for the beach.  Enter Clarins.

Now I'm not going to lie, I asked Caroline which I should buy, and she suggested shiseido or Clinique.  However, in Fenwicks Bond Street, Clarins had a GWP offer, and I have been desperate to buy one of their crystal balms, so figured I would try their sun cream for face too so I could get my freebies.  Plus, as much as I want to protect my skin, I still want to get a tan, I rarely burn, so wanted no more than factor 15.

So here is my haul.
I actually have loads more of the mini's but they are already packed.  I told the lovely lady on the counter that I was going on hols, so she literally poured samples into my bag, I couldn't have been more excited if she had been pouring giant Cadburys buttons into my mouth.  (actually, that's not true, I'd actually commit murder for someone to do that for me since being on the diet).
Can I just say Oh.My.God for the crystal balm.  If you look closely you can see the clear veil of sheen around the colour on my skin.  I love this, and REALLY struggled to choose out of 2 colours, but glad I picked this one, it is shade 01, Crystal Pink.
I picked the body lotion as one of my GWP's as I don't buy into this whole aftersun hype, I figure a moisturiser is a moisturiser, and if it's free, and it's clarins, then that works for me!  If i'm wrong, please tell me!
The Extra Firming Day cream I am really interested to try, so will do a review on it in the coming weeks.
Anything from the Clarins range i'm missing out on???

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