Saturday, 11 May 2013

Travel Companions

I hate taking 250ml bottles of shampoo on holiday and I hate taking my bottles of foundation on holiday, as I invariably need to use a darker shade by the end of it, so it's wasted space for that 33rd top I HAVE to take with me plus it is usually marble flooring throughout and I will undoubtedly drop 65quids worth of make up all over the floor.

I quite enjoy buying the mini's, slightly galling when I know the cost to make these items having been in the miniature industry for 8 years in my first job, but still, they are giving me more weight to use for clothes, so I will stop moaning.

This holiday I have decided to choose the Charles Worthington minis. 
How good they are remains to be seen, but I like the idea of spritzing my hair throughout the day. 
I then bought this little stack of pots, which I will be decanting my wonderful Emma Hardie Moringa Face Balm into, plus my 2 different foundations and one application of my favourite body scrub ever from Neom Organics to keep my body in tip top tanning condition!
Last but not least, my hair is always up on holiday, it's quite ombre at the moment, so much lighter at the ends, so found these little pretties in Accessorize, the group of hairbands will all have been lost by the end of the week, I am the person that keeps hairband brands in business, as must buy 2 packs a month!  The little item on the right is really cute, a normal hairband, but with a hard gold coloured ring to hide the band.  The 2 bits cost me £6.
Anything I'm missing?



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