Thursday, 31 January 2013

Putting pen to paper

As much as I love an iPad, iPhone, laptop etc, the traditional values that were instilled by my parents mean that I still write thank you notes for Christmas and Birthday gifts, and that is now doubled up until Max can write... 

James always says that he thinks cards are a waste of money, but I love writing something lovely and heartfelt in a card, and regularly leave one on his pillow for him if I am going up to my mums for a few days.  We don't do Valentines day either, but I still get him a non-Valentines day Valentines card!

For the first time in years I actually had a Christmas list for 2012, on it was 'some kind of nice notebook and 'a nice pen', for me to take to my meetings.  A lot of people take their iPads or laptops into meetings and tap away but i find it really distracting and also worry that they are playing angry birds or writing how dull their meeting is on facebook or twitter!  Hence my good old fashioned pen and paper.

So imagine my squeal of excitement when I opened my present from Max (he may have had a little help from daddy). 

I'm a bit of a freak when it comes to my writing, It is quite pretty but if i write fast, it just looks like a spider has fallen into a pot of ink and run across my page.  So i never write on the first page in case I mess it up!!  This is my meetings notebook, not my day to day scribbles, god forbid.  


The pen was from them both, it is Cross, and writes beautifully and yes, both have been used in several meetings so far, and to be honest, nobody has noticed.  How rude.

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  1. Oh my, how beautiful! And I bet they have noticed!!

    I love notebooks too and also leave the front page blank... moreso incase someone opens the front cover and sees something they're not supposed to! - must stem from mum reading my diaries!

    Nic x