Friday, 27 September 2013

Eyes are the window to the soul

Or in my case, the windows to the gross itchy, tender, flaky and massively swollen condition that is blepharitis.

Some people I'm sure will say I'm over exaggerating and that there are more important things going on in the world than my little old eyes but this 'condition' just turned up one morning out of the blue, no warning, just hugely puffed up eyes that made me wonder if I'd been too tired the night before and had put something other than eye cream on my eyes at bedtime.

A week later and still there, someone mentioned blepharitis and so I googled it. 

"The symptoms of blepharitis often come and go, getting better or worse over a long period of time. Blepharitis usually affects both eyes and you may find your symptoms are worse in the morning. Your symptoms may include:

  • red, sore eyelids, which may also be swollen
  • a gritty, burning or itching feeling in your eyes
  • eyelids sticking together
  • crusting on your eyelashes
  • scaly or greasy eyelids
  • difficulty wearing your contact lenses
  • blurred vision"

Appealing yes?

So, I've always quite liked my eyes and make a thing of them with my makeup, one of James' favourite things about me is my eyes (What! Not my nagging about stuff?), so it has been actually really horrible not being able to wear eye makeup.  

In my job, I am regularly face to face with stockists and to not be able to finish my face properly with my eye make up is annoying, I feel I look unfinished, and they might think I've just rolled out of bed!

So after weeks of asking google, twitter and every chemist I pass (doc was useless) and getting nowhere fast as everywhere tells you it is uncureable, it turned out my sister knew of something to help!

Sorry for quality of pics, this is all being done from my phone while watching peppa pig, as I figure if I don't blog soon then I may as well just admit defeat and stop blogging! 

So after 3 applications of the wipes and 2 applications of the blephagel my eyes were 98% back to normal, I couldn't believe it!!

However, this morning on what is going to be a stressful day anyway with an extremely important business meeting this afternoon I wake up, look in the mirror straight away which has become my daily routine since the blepharitis showed its ugly self and was greeted with this 

Literally at the end of my tether, can anyone help??!!!  You can see how swollen the lid is, I normally have very deep sockets!!

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